WarriorMail is now MLC's primary email platform

posted Jan 5, 2010, 1:24 PM by Unknown user
As of December 29, 2009, Midland Lutheran College has moved its email and calendar platform from Microsoft Exchange running on our own servers to WarriorMail (Gmail and Google Calendar) running on Google’s servers. All email messages, contacts and calendar appointments have been migrated to WarriorMail. Beginning yesterday, December 28, around 5:00 PM all new messages are being delivered to Google's servers instead of Midland's old Exchange server.

Gmail and Google Calendar are part of the Google Apps for Education suite. Our implementation of Google Apps for Education is called WarriorWeb. The URL for the complete Google Apps suite is http://WarriorWeb.mlc.edu. During the launch of WarriorWeb, this site has status updates plus links to instructional videos and quick reference guides, all designed to smooth the migration to the WarriorWeb applications. Click on the WarriorWeb link to learn more about the new system.

Because Google now supports Gmail access via Microsoft Outlook, Faculty and staff may continue to use Outlook to access email messages, calendar and contacts. The key message for faculty and staff is:  You don't have to change, but you may want to in order to get access to the many beneficial new features. You can embrace what you want, when you want.

MLC employees who wish to continue using Microsoft Outlook to access their email will need to step through a one-time configuration of the Google Apps Sync software. This should take about 2 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are available on the WarriorWeb launch site.

Faculty and staff who do not know their WarriorMail password should have that information waiting in their old inbox. They can access the old MLC email server by clicking the Exchange link below.

To access the new email system, click WarriorMail.mlc.edu
Barring hardware failures, MLC’s old Exchange servers will continue to be accessible for archive purposes through the end of the Spring semester. To access the archived Exchange email system, click Exchange.


  1. Address look-ups now work in the web-based WarriorMail interface to automatically find the email address of any member of the MLC community. Just begin typing a name in the "To:" box and a list of possible matches will appear. Click on the best match. Brent is working on getting this capability working for our Outlook users.

  2. We are in the process of recreating our system-wide distribution lists. We should have the faculty, staff and student distribution lists ready to go by Wednesday, January 6.

  3. Blackberry users: You will need to install Google's email and calendar software on your Blackberry. In order to ensure uninterrupted delivery of messages to your Blackberry we temporarily enabled email forwarding from WarriorMail back to your account on MLC's Exchange server. If you want to install the software for yourself, you will find the instructions on the WarriorWeb Launch site under "Mobile Users". The IT staff would be happy to update your Blackberry for you. Please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in getting your Blackberry configured for WarriorMail.

Ken Clipperton, Director of Information Technology
  for the IT Help Desk
402-941-6270 (Main Help Desk phone number)
402-319-7068 (Help Desk mobile phone)

Safe Computing Tip:
  The IT department will never ask for your password in an email.
  Don't ever email your password to anyone!