WarriorGroups (email distribution lists) are now up and running

posted Jan 11, 2010, 2:09 PM by Unknown user
WarriorGroups (Email distribution lists)

The following "WarriorGroups" have been established to replace the shared email distribution lists we had in Exchange. You can send an email to any of these groups by using the email address listed below. Any member of these groups can send to the list and have their message delivered immediately. Members of the MLC community who are not part of a group can still send to the group, but their message will be held for review prior to being released to the group.

The "students@mlc.edu" is a special case in that ALL messages sent to this address are held for moderation instead of being delivered immediately. In the past we had an open "students" distribution list, but abuses of the list resulted in a decision to turn off the ability for students to send to the list. With the moderation capabilities of WarriorGroups, we are again able to offer a mechanism for one MLC student to send an email to all other MLC students.

A WarriorGroup (Google Group) is more than just an email distribution list. It is actually a Usenet news group with web-based access that includes the ability to post messages and reply to those messages. The web interface also provides a searchable archive of messages sent to that group. These could be useful for student organizations, standing committees, class projects, etc. You can learn more about Groups at http://groups.google.com/intl/en/googlegroups/overview.html.

The web interface for access to WarriorGroups is http://WarriorGroups.mlc.edu. You can also get to the Groups from the WarriorMail interface by clicking on "More", "Groups" at the top of the page.

The groups listed below are being managed by Brent Zuch, but everyone with a WarriorWeb login has the ability to create groups of their own.

MLC Standard Email Groups:
adjunctfaculty@mlc.edu     (Just adjunct faculty.)
faculty@mlc.edu               (Just voting faculty.)
facultyandstaff@mlc.edu    (This group includes everyone from all three of the other groups--adjunct faculty, faculty and staff.)
staff@mlc.edu                  (Just MLC staff.)
students@mlc.edu            (All currently enrolled MLC students.)

Access for these groups:
  Only members can view group content in the web interface.
  Only managers can view group members list.
  People can request an invitation to join.
  Anyone from mlc.edu can post messages.
  Messages from members are delivered immediately.
  Messages from non-members are held for moderation.

This document is publicly available at the following URL: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dfk9q79b_22fvdcr2d9.