MLC students have gone Google - WarriorWeb is live!

posted Dec 15, 2009, 3:26 PM by Unknown user

To: All MLC students


We have created WarriorWeb (Gmail) accounts for all current MLC students. Incoming email messages are now being forwarded to those WarriorMail accounts. We are in the process of migrating student email messages from the old MLC email server to Google’s servers. Most student mailboxes finished migrating earlier this afternoon. The rest of the student mailboxes are well on their way to completing the migration. We expect all student mailboxes to finish the migration process by the end of the day Wednesday.


Students should begin using their WarriorMail accounts immediately. The URL for gaining access to WarriorMail is You can login using your normal MLC username. Your initial WarriorMail password is your MLC Student ID number. You will be prompted to change your password when you first log in, so you will want to have a new password in mind. Not all passwords are created equal. Following these guidelines will help you choose a memorable but hard to guess password. You are welcome to make this password the same as you MLC network password.


On Friday morning, December 18, we plan to discontinue the delivery of new email to MLC’s email servers. All incoming email will be routed directly to WarriorMail on Google’s servers. Although your old messages should be showing up in your WarriorMail account, you may continue to view your old messages at Barring hardware failures, we intend to keep the old server online for several months for this kind of historical access and to smooth out any transition issues.


Known transition issue: Until we make the switch on Friday, the address book feature will not be fully functional—to send a new message to someone at MLC you will either need to type in their full email address or you will need to reply to an existing message.


The mass migration tool provided by Google migrates only email messages, not calendar items, contacts, tasks or notes. If you wish to migrate these additional items see the WarriorWeb launch site. We will be posting this kind of guidance for students in the near future. In the meantime, you can get to those items via the old email link. Lots of tutorials and reference guides are available at the WarriorWeb launch site. See


Ken Clipperton, Director of Information Technology

  for the IT Help Desk

402-941-6270 (Main Help Desk phone number)

402-319-7068 (Help Desk mobile phone)


Safe Computing Tip:

The IT department will never ask for your password in an email.
Don't ever email your password to anyone!