Global Address Book now available for Outlook users

posted Jan 5, 2010, 4:02 PM by Unknown user
Brent has done the necessary programming to enable the Global Address Book to be available within Outlook for our users who prefer to continue using Outlook to access their email and calendars. The fix was deployed late Wednesday morning via the network login script. The fix will be installed the next time you login. If you are using Outlook with Google Apps Sync and are still not getting automatic address fill in from the global address book then the fix has not yet been installed. You can install the update immediately if you wish. Simply click "Start", then "Run" and paste the following text into the window: \\mlcilm1\GoogleGAL\GoogleGAL.reg and click OK. Once the fix has been installed it will take effect the next time you start up Outlook.

Next up is re-creating the global distribution lists like Students, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Faculty and Staff, etc.