Android User? WarriorMail is easy!

posted Jan 18, 2010, 8:43 AM by Unknown user
For those of you out there who have a phone that uses Android, getting it set up to use WarriorMail is about as easy as it gets.
When first setting your phone up for email, use the Gmail app that comes with the phone. In there, just give it your WarriorMail username (With the ending!) and password, and it will handle the rest!
But what if you've already set the application to use a different account? Fortunately that's an easy thing to change as well.  To change which account your Android phone pulls up, first go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.  From there, find the Gmail, Gmail storage, Google Apps, Google Talk, Google Talk Services, and IM programs, and hit the 'clear data' button. This will reset the Gmail app to allow you to put in your WarriorMail account the next time you run the Gmail app.
Special Note: When you change from one Gmail account to another, your contacts list will clear. Dont worry, your contacts haven't been deleted.  On Android phones, contact lists are associated with your email account from the moment you set one up. All that needs to be done is to transfer contacts from one account to the other, which is fortunately just as easy as resetting the account.  From a computer, log into Gmail with the first account you had initially created. Click 'contacts', then 'export'. Save the file it gives you in a location you can easily find. Log out. Now go to WarriorMail, log in, click 'contacts', then 'import'. Point it at the file you just created, and it will import all your contacts. After that, it should only be a minute untill your phone recieves your contacts list.
As always, some phones might behave a little bit differently than others. If you have any trouble getting your phone set up to use WarriorMail, feel free to stop on by at the IT Helpdesk, and we would be happy to get you rolling.