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How not to send a Word document to others

posted Mar 31, 2010, 9:29 AM by Unknown user

Dr. Scott helped us find a problem and its solution. She was having trouble sending things like faculty meeting agendas to the faculty. It turns out that if you try to send a document from within Microsoft Word (and presumably Excel or Powerpoint) by clicking on "File", "Send", "Email", it will fail to actually send the message unless you have already logged into Microsoft Outlook/Google Apps Sync. If Word launches Outlook for you, it will fail to start up the Google Apps Sync program.

If you want to send Microsoft Office files to others from within those programs, be sure you have already started Outlook/Google Apps Sync on your computer.

New WarriorGroups created for various categories of students

posted Mar 31, 2010, 9:11 AM by Unknown user

We have created new WarriorGroups. These groups are based on the program a student is enrolled in (MyPath, Graduate) and for the Traditional program there are separate groups for each class (First Year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior). The overall "Students" group includes all currently enrolled students in all programs. A listing of the group names and email addresses is included below. You can get to the full list of WarriorGroups by choosing "Groups" from the WarriorMail menu (Mail, Calendar, Documents, etc.). Messages send to these groups are moderated just like the main "Students" group.

First Year Students
 Group email address:

Sophomore Students
 Group email address:

Junior Students
 Group email address:

Senior Students
 Group email address:

MyPath Students
 Group email address:

Graduate Students
 Group email address:

Authors do not receive a copy of messages sent to Groups

posted Feb 6, 2010, 5:22 AM by Unknown user

We have discovered that when sending a message to a WarriorGroup email distribution list, the author does not receive a copy of the message. Apparently, this is how Google set it up. We have not found a way to override this setting. Authors can check on whether or not their message was distributed by logging into and clicking on the group name. The item they sent will show up in the list of "Discussions" if it has been delivered.

New Google Apps Sync for Outlook released

posted Feb 6, 2010, 5:17 AM by Unknown user

Google has released a new version of the Google Apps Sync for Outlook. This release appears to address the problems those who manage multiple calendars and email accounts. We will be installing it on key client machines and in the IT department for testing over the next week. If everything is looking fine we will release this to all MLC computers.

Help, I don't see my new messages in Outlook and I get errors during Send/Receive!

posted Jan 22, 2010, 3:01 PM by Unknown user

We have had several staff run into a situation where Outlook is not sending or receiving new messages and shows an error whenever it tries to do a "Send/Receive". This is occurring because Outlook is in "Work offline" mode. This happens if you press "Cancel" on the screen where you are being asked to provide your password to Google Apps Sync.

How can you tell if Outlook is in “Work offline” mode?  Your new messages won’t show up and you will get an error when Outlook tries to do a “Send/Receive”. Also, the Outlook icon in the system tray will be gray with a red checkmark in the middle of it. The Google Apps Sync icon will also be gray instead of the usual green.

How can you get Outlook back online? To get out of offline mode you just need to go to the main Outlook screen and click “File” on the main menu. You will notice a checkmark next to the “Work Offline” menu option. Click on “Work offline” to toggle into online mode. In a couple seconds a dialogue box should pop up asking for your email login credentials.

WarriorMail Appointment problems are associated with managing multiple accounts via Outlook

posted Jan 18, 2010, 9:39 AM by Unknown user

WarriorMail Appointment problems are associated with managing multiple accounts via Outlook

We have had reports of problems with event invitations (appointments/calendars) where someone using Outlook with WarriorMail would send an appointment and the appointment would show up on recipients' calendars but no invitation was received in their email inbox. At the same time, the sender would find that the invitation was still sitting in their Outlook Outbox and the Send/Receive process would generate an error message "(0x8000405 : 'The operation failed.'"

We have isolated this problem. It only occurs if the sender is trying to manage multiple email/calendar accounts and has set up an IMAP connection to the secondary account(s) in Outlook. We are contacting Google about the issue. In the meantime, Outlook users will probably want to avoid managing multiple accounts via Outlook and use the web interface for dealing with the secondary accounts.

To remove the extra accounts and their associated IMAP connections in Outlook...
1. Click on "Tools".
2. Click on "Account settings".
3. Click on the extra email account name in order to make it the selected account.
4. Click on "X Remove".
5. Click "Yes" to remove the account.
6. After you have removed all "IMAP" accounts and your "Google Apps" account is the only account showing, click "Close" to return to your inbox.
7. Exit from Outlook.
8. Start Outlook.

We will be working to identify an effective way for one person to manage multiple WarriorMail accounts until Google comes up with a fix for this problem. We will post that guidance to the web site.

Android User? WarriorMail is easy!

posted Jan 18, 2010, 8:43 AM by Unknown user

For those of you out there who have a phone that uses Android, getting it set up to use WarriorMail is about as easy as it gets.
When first setting your phone up for email, use the Gmail app that comes with the phone. In there, just give it your WarriorMail username (With the ending!) and password, and it will handle the rest!
But what if you've already set the application to use a different account? Fortunately that's an easy thing to change as well.  To change which account your Android phone pulls up, first go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications.  From there, find the Gmail, Gmail storage, Google Apps, Google Talk, Google Talk Services, and IM programs, and hit the 'clear data' button. This will reset the Gmail app to allow you to put in your WarriorMail account the next time you run the Gmail app.
Special Note: When you change from one Gmail account to another, your contacts list will clear. Dont worry, your contacts haven't been deleted.  On Android phones, contact lists are associated with your email account from the moment you set one up. All that needs to be done is to transfer contacts from one account to the other, which is fortunately just as easy as resetting the account.  From a computer, log into Gmail with the first account you had initially created. Click 'contacts', then 'export'. Save the file it gives you in a location you can easily find. Log out. Now go to WarriorMail, log in, click 'contacts', then 'import'. Point it at the file you just created, and it will import all your contacts. After that, it should only be a minute untill your phone recieves your contacts list.
As always, some phones might behave a little bit differently than others. If you have any trouble getting your phone set up to use WarriorMail, feel free to stop on by at the IT Helpdesk, and we would be happy to get you rolling.

"Scan to email" from our copiers is now forwarding to WarriorMail

posted Jan 15, 2010, 4:33 AM by Unknown user

We received reports that documents scanned to email from our copiers was only being delivered to MLC's old Exchange server. The printers were set to send from "". Brent discovered that since "" was not a real account, those messages were being forwarded to Google's servers. Brent created the account and now the messages are delivered to WarriorMail inboxes from "scanner". If you are still experiencing this issue, your printer is probably set to send from some other non-existing address. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in reconfiguring your printer or creating a real account to match the "from" address. - Ken

How to Rescue Your Old "Deleted" Email Messages from Imminent Destruction

posted Jan 14, 2010, 2:27 PM by Unknown user

How to Rescue Your Old "Delet...
How to Rescue Your Old "Deleted" Email Messages from Imminent Destruction
by Ken Clipperton
December 29, 2009
(Updated January 14, 2010)

As part of the migration to WarriorMail (Gmail), I learned that some of us have been using the "Deleted" mail folder as a permanent archive. Well, Google treats deleted mail the same way almost everyone else in the world does -- by permanently removing messages from their servers 30 days after they are deleted. We migrated your "Deleted" mail for you, but unless you act those messages will all be gone 30 days from your email migration date. If you want to keep your old MLC "Deleted" messages permanently then follow the steps described below before January 15, 2010. I created a video that walks through these steps, but I didn't have a decent microphone so the audio is very poor. The video is available on the Downloadable Files page of the WarriorWeb launch site. I think the text below is clear enough to follow, but you may wish to print the steps out and then watch the video to get comfortable with the process before you follow the steps yourself. If you get stuck, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at MLC for assistance.

Steps to Rescue Your Old "Deleted" Email Messages from Destruction
  1. Log into your email at
  2. Create a label called "Old Deleted". (As suggested above, watch the video on the "Downloaded Files" page if you don't know how to create a label.)
  3. At least temporarily show the "All Mail" and "Trash" labels.
    • Click on "Labels", "Manage Labels".
    • Click on "show" next to the "All Mail" and "Trash" labels.
  4. Go to "Trash" by clicking on the Trash label.
  5. Select all trash by clicking on "All" in "Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred" just above the list of messages.
    At the top of the list of messages you will see a line of text that says, "All (some number) conversations on this page are selected. Select all 999 conversations in Trash"
  6. Click on the link to "Select all 999 (however many) conversations in Trash"
  7. Click on "Move to" and select "Old Deleted" from the list of labels.
  8. Verify that this process worked by clicking on the "Old Deleted" and "Trash" labels on the left side of the screen. You should see all the messages in "Old Deleted" and none in "Trash".
** You should keep in mind that from now on, Google after 30 days they will permanently purge any email message that you have deleted. If you want to keep permanent access to a message, archive it or move it to a label/folder instead of deleting it. **

The next steps are optional and only necessary if you want to eliminate the "Old Deleted" label and have these messages in Gmail's normal "All Mail" permanent archive.
  1. Click on "Old Deleted" to see all the messages with that label.
  2. Select all by clicking on "All" in "Select: All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred" just above the list of messages.
  3. At the top of the list of messages you will see a line of text that says, "All 25 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 999 conversations in Old Deleted"
  4. Click on the link to "Select all 999 (however many) conversations in Old Deleted"
  5. Click on "More Actions" and choose "Archive". This will move these messages into the "All Mail" archive.
  6. You can then eliminate the "Old Deleted" label by clicking on "Labels", "Manage Labels" and then clicking on "Remove" option next to the "Old Deleted" label.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please contact MLC's IT Help Desk if you need assistance.

The contents of this post are also available as a separate web page at

NOTE: If the worst case happens and Google purges the "deleted" messages that were migrated from MLC's Exchange server, you still have access to those messages on the old Exchange server at least for a while. Contact the IT Help Desk and we will work on a resolution. It might be as simple as re-migrating the deleted messages to Google or archiving them from the old server and accessing them via Outlook's archive function.

WarriorGroups (email distribution lists) are now up and running

posted Jan 11, 2010, 2:09 PM by Unknown user

WarriorGroups (Email distribution lists)

The following "WarriorGroups" have been established to replace the shared email distribution lists we had in Exchange. You can send an email to any of these groups by using the email address listed below. Any member of these groups can send to the list and have their message delivered immediately. Members of the MLC community who are not part of a group can still send to the group, but their message will be held for review prior to being released to the group.

The "" is a special case in that ALL messages sent to this address are held for moderation instead of being delivered immediately. In the past we had an open "students" distribution list, but abuses of the list resulted in a decision to turn off the ability for students to send to the list. With the moderation capabilities of WarriorGroups, we are again able to offer a mechanism for one MLC student to send an email to all other MLC students.

A WarriorGroup (Google Group) is more than just an email distribution list. It is actually a Usenet news group with web-based access that includes the ability to post messages and reply to those messages. The web interface also provides a searchable archive of messages sent to that group. These could be useful for student organizations, standing committees, class projects, etc. You can learn more about Groups at

The web interface for access to WarriorGroups is You can also get to the Groups from the WarriorMail interface by clicking on "More", "Groups" at the top of the page.

The groups listed below are being managed by Brent Zuch, but everyone with a WarriorWeb login has the ability to create groups of their own.

MLC Standard Email Groups:     (Just adjunct faculty.)               (Just voting faculty.)    (This group includes everyone from all three of the other groups--adjunct faculty, faculty and staff.)                  (Just MLC staff.)            (All currently enrolled MLC students.)

Access for these groups:
  Only members can view group content in the web interface.
  Only managers can view group members list.
  People can request an invitation to join.
  Anyone from can post messages.
  Messages from members are delivered immediately.
  Messages from non-members are held for moderation.

This document is publicly available at the following URL:

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