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Data Migration Help Page. This page lists the tools to help users migrate content
from MLC.EDU to MIDLANDU.EDU.  The IT Department has completed all migration tasks.
WarriorMail can be accessed directly at http://Warriormail.MidlandU.edu.
WarriorCal can be accessed directly at http://Warriorcal.MidlandU.edu/.
WarriorDocs can be accessed directly at
WarriorGroups can be accessed directly at
WarriorSites can be accessed directly at
The main WarriorWeb login page is

New GoogleApps Features

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Because Google now supports Outlook, Faculty and staff may continue to use Outlook to access email messages, calendar and contacts The key message for faculty and staff is:  You don't have to change, but you may want to in order to get access to the many beneficial new features. You can embrace what you want, when you want.


A note about the WarriorWeb site:

This web site is based on a template provided by Google. If you run across a page that contains pink text like this << Edit this content to reflect your policies. >> then that is a page we have not yet edited to reflect Midland University's implementation of Google Apps. Please ignore the content on that page, or treat that content as being subject to change.

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